About David 




Hi! I'm David. I'm a Graphic Designer and B&W Film Photographer based in Denver, CO originally from Portland, Oregon. Personally, I'm an artist interested in bridging the gap between fine art and graphic design. Professionally, I reflect this goal through the basic elements of art that intrigue viewers: shape, color, line, and structure, with incredible attention given to detail.

Design and a sensitivity to color shape my current projects. They are both visual languages, and I’m interested in how they influence the world around me. I live in a society where efficiency is valued over aesthetics, and I dream of a world where the focus is on quality design. Attention to design is representative of a society that strives to improve quality of life through greater accessibility and variety. Moreover, my design is interdisciplinary, with fashion, architecture, illustration, and mathematics as influences.


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to get in touch if you need help with your design or photography project.

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